About US

Cantaloupe Studio is a Portuguese brand of premium footwear, which was born in 2020 in Guimarães.

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Cantaloupe Studio is a dream come true.
Born out of the desire to spread throughout the world years of know-how in stamping in high quality products, made in Portugal.

Cantaloupe Studio is a brand for those who love to express themselves through the carefully thought details. For those who do not content themselves with nothing less than premium quality. For those who need comfort to keep conquering their place in this constantly moving world.

Printing Know-how

We were born inside a family-owned company with over 10 years of experience in textile print

Made in portugal

We are a Portuguese brand that strives to make high-quality shoes. We join the art of printing with the prestigious savoir-faire of Portugal’s footwear


Our local production helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are an environmental conscious brand, always looking for new approaches to improve

Fair Trade

Our shoes are produced following Fair Trade standards. We ensure workers’ rights, safe working conditions and fairer pay. It means our products are high quality and ethically produced

Why Cantaloupe Studio?

Cantaloupe, because of the uniqueness, as the one we can find on a cantaloupe’s skin; because of the freshness that inspires us to show our personality. Studio, because every single piece we create is thought thoroughly by dedicated artists; Because each piece is executed by talented craftsmen; because your Cantaloupe shoes are a piece of art.

Our Materials

Natural Leathers and Suedes

Natural Fibers

100% Biodegradable Jutes

Recycled Cork