About Us

Cantaloupe Studio is a dream come true.
Born out of the desire to spread throughout the world years of know-how in stamping in high quality products, made in Portugal.
Cantaloupe Studio is a brand for those who love to express themselves through the carefully thought details; for those who do not content themselves with nothing less than premium quality; for those who need comfort to keep conquering their place in this constantly moving world.

Why Cantaloupe Studio?

Cantaloupe, because of the uniqueness, as the one we can find on a cantaloupe’s skin; Because of the freshness, that inspires us to show our personality.

Studio, because every single piece we create is thought thoroughly by dedicated artists; Because each piece is executed by talented craftsmen; Because your Cantaloupe shoes are a piece of art.

You are Cantaloupe Studio

In a world that’s always moving, do it in the comfort you deserve. In a world full of neutrals, dare to show your colours